Friday, 3 September 2010

The Post Without A Name

I think that (despite the witchcraft), I really must have a Guardian Angel because I just lost a long and outspoken post that I had drafted on Blair, Brown and Mandelson (Modern Britain's very own Three Bankrupteers), in the wake of the latest of their very smug books. Rather than dredge it all up again, I am going to have some breakfast instead. You, gentle reader, also have a Guardian Angel.

Nice cartoon though: I just do not believe that Garden Broom would wear red braces and that Bendy Mandelson would wear co-respondent shoes. Dog garn 'em!

Blair and Broom eventually went bespoke (Blair with Paul Smith and Broom with Timothy Everest, not sure about Mandy) but all that they managed to do was to confirm that we really have known government by a rabble called The Drab.

I know, I know, I said before that I would keep this blog clean but these people are so fascinatingly detestable that I just cannot resist the occasional salvo.

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