Thursday, 30 September 2010

Omar Khayyam Rose Bush

Here is the grave of Edward FitzGerald in Boulge churchyard, Suffolk. The head of the grave is to the left and by this is a cage containing the famous rosebush, the history of which is described in History of Men's Fashion . To the right, at the foot of the grave, are some more rosebushes, given by the government of Iran in 1972. The photograph is by Laurence Mann. Left click to view.


  1. There is a great curve in the words;
    they are as rounded as a silver scythe
    Slicing, violently, into an overgrown
    thicket and revealing what survived
    and grew, voluptuously, beneath the dirt.

    And this gives out a light few would divine.

    Here in the mainstream, we are dogged marchers
    en masse, straight-talking, set on red routes,
    to the very ends of the earth! While you move
    freely, easily, inside your well-rounded world.

  2. Anon:
    "The new world is all less fair than the old world it mocks."

  3. This quote comes from one who advocated blood sports; oh tally ho old chap...........

  4. "Blood sports" or "country pursuits": it depends upon your point of view.