Friday, 10 September 2010

Book IV

I am very pleased to be able to announce that my publisher has agreed to publish my fourth book for them on the subject of some Great British Adventurers; and, although I have not yet completed Book III, I have set out the template for this further work. Dealing with this is part of the reason that this blog has been uncharacteristically quiet for the last few days. In the picture is one of the subjects of the intended book, John William Colenso (1814-1883) 1st Anglican Bishop of Natal, known to the Zulus (whose cause he championed) as Sobantu "The Father of the People". The original portrait was by Samuel Sidley.


  1. Congratulations Nicholas - that sounds fantastic. I just finished reading your first book, it is very British indeed!
    I look forward to reading the following ones.

  2. Thank you, Raphael. Books II and III venture into some products from other countries but, obviously, Book IV is back to British!!

  3. Nicholas, this sounds as a fascinating subject!

    All the best with the project.

  4. Andrey, Many thanks. I'll give it my best shot.