Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Page View Averages

I have a statistics' counter on this site that has operated from the beginning. The average monthly views of individual pages, since July 10th 2010, is 4,630, which is not bad from a standing start. However, the site was meant to complement and promote my books and it has succeeded in only half of that objective, as sales remain steady but modest. This is a pity but there we are. We are constantly driven to market our own books but the reality is that, without a huge marketing machinery behind a book and a 'celebrity' name on the cover, most books either trundle along or just sink like stones.

I should just be grateful that Book I trundles.


  1. I think the reality is that in this day and age, even if you have a 'legit' publisher, which you do, you still have to market your book yourself. What I hear is that even authors who are published by big publishers have to do this. While your books should have fairly general interest they are still aimed at a niche market. Unless you can put yourself constantly in the public eye, appear on Oprah etc., trundle may be as good as it gets, but for your sake I hope not!

  2. Yes, you are quite right but Oprah would be difficult to persuade, I suspect!

  3. The number of followers on my blog increased from 2 to about 20 after joining a blogging association in my niche. Since then the blog has picked up about 2 new followers per month [more than that after a blogathon].

    Whether the number of followers will translate to book purchasers is something with which I am not familiar.