Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Murder In The Sleepy Hollow

Last night, coming home late, all seemed quiet and so I went up to the bedroom but there I sensed that all was not well. There was someone lurking behind the net curtains infront of the French windows. This is Brazil and you know all the stories of violence. I had a flat throwing knife in my hand and decided where to aim and threw the knife. It pierced the curtain and sounded on wood. Immediately, a gun fired from behind the curtain but I wasn't standing infront of it anymore. Somehow, somebody else, a total stranger, was standing there now and, hit by the bullet, fell forwards, through the gunsmoke, and into the windows, which were now open and empty; leaving me with an unexplained corpse in my bedroom.

On the plus side, I am the only witness. On the other hand, my account sounds hollow. The choices are: to report the matter straight away and take the consequences(which might include a spell on remand in a Brazilian gaol where, I dare say, the conditions are less than wholesome and the manners shy of polite), or to dispose of the body: maybe, by dumping it in the lagoon. I could try to cremate it in the large brick BBQ but it might make a terrible smell and bring the neighbours around.

Before I could resolve this dilemma (and most fortunately),I awoke with a start.

That's what I call a proper nightmare.

Today's picture is Fuseli's 'Nightmare'.

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