Saturday, 6 April 2013

About Turn

I think that I can justify yet another change of mind over this blog on the basis that only Beta-brains can never admit that they are wrong. Moreover, since I have control over what is or is not published here (including comments) and that the place is, to that extent, 'hog-free', I will post when I feel like it. But no more contributions to forum boards, where (inter alios), drunks, boors, hogs and weirdos creep in the undergrowth.

To be going on with, here is a jolly little number from Zarah Leander:


  1. Excellent news!!!
    Cheers, st.tully

  2. Sorry to know that. We miss you there very much. Butit is great we can still hear and read you here. Best, LGcintra

  3. NJS,

    What a joy to know you are back! Please stay with it.

    Best regards,