Saturday, 11 August 2012

Jardim Botanico, Rio de Janeiro

A friend from UCL days, Ron Collins, came to stay and we all went to meet Rio friends Marcelo and Eva at the Jardim Botanico in Rio de Janeiro. These gardens are like Kew with the roofs off. Unfortunately, it rained cats and dogs and we did not stay long. However, Ron took some pictures and here is a selection. 1-3 are in the orchid house; 4 is of a lake and water lilies; 5 is the pergola where Emperor Dom Pedro II often used to lunch; 6 is back at the lagoon in the Sleepy Hollow; 7 is me enjoying a pinch of Fribourg & Treyer's Macouba snuff. Ron also brought a small consignment otherwise comprising F&T Bureau (recently brought back into manufacture); Prince's Special, and Old Paris (together with Macouba, a Brummell favourite), plus a couple of tins of Rose of Sharrow, which is a nice mild post-breakfast snuff. Number 8 is a parting shot.


  1. Did you wear the suit and correspondent shoes at the garden or elsewhere?

    Everyone in Kingston seemed to be wearing T shirts today. Smart is a shirt with buttons and shoes that are not trainers. No standards any more.

    1. I did but not the vest. The trip to the gardens was the day before the shots of us.

  2. Lovely photos! Especially the last one, you both look very comfortable and elegant.

  3. Dear Nicholas

    Stunning photographs!

  4. Last photograph makes a guest appearance on another blog. The bow tie is not something I wear but it seems of a piece with the rest of what you are wearing. I paid more notice to the two buttons undone on the waistcoat.

    I think bow ties are more common in certain professions such as medicine and publishing. Americans also seem to go in for them.