Sunday, 1 July 2012

Le Coin Perdu II

There is a strong Swiss influence in parts of Brasil and here is a delightful example of it:


  1. Is that the enclave where all the 'cough' aged Rudolphs and Hermans live?
    It's incredible, a little Bavarian idyll.

    1. There was an influx of Swiss in the late 19th Century and there are whole villages and towns with buildings like this in, say, Nova Friburgo, in the mountains of R de J (sans snow). The main areas of German population are in the South of Brazil. However, Rudolphs and Hermans did come here at a certain point - cough - and the local pizza man (Max) once told me that his father had been Quote 'Hitler. SS' Unquote. The property in the picture is one of a very few in this style around The Sleepy Hollow; set in three acres of coconut groves, overlooking a Blue Lagoon!

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