Saturday, 15 October 2011

There's Always A Way; Or: Through The Foxholes

Most practical problems can be solved by finding foxholes (as I always think of it), by lateral thinking; which is an immensely valuable thinking habit to cultivate. For example, I was recently stumped in my attempts to get hold of some decent cologne and some English snuff (Brazilian snuff is excellent but I just fancied some from Fribourg & Treyer) because of transportation / importation problems.

Now I have found answers to both of these problems: strangely, here in the Sleepy Hollow, there just happens to be a shop which sells a very good range of artisan-produced eau de cologne, which is up there in quality with Roger et Gallet - so quite good enough - and not terribly expensive, as the packaging is of the 'without-the-frills' kind: suits me. So that's one problem solved.

I have also discovered an outfit that, hastle-free, exports snuff all over the world: but, for me, it is even better that a friend has insisted on standing me: a small consignment of  F&T 'Macouba'; 'Bureau' (recently re-introduced and I can't wait to try it); 'Prince's Special', and 'Old Paris' as well as some Wilsons-of-Sharrow 'Rose of Sharrow' (probably for mixing). He is buying it today and going to send it himself; so I shall keep a very keen weather-eye for delivery vans.

However, reviewing this post, I think that my solutions have more to do with persistence than lateral thinking: another thing worth cultivating...


  1. LSS - It's from a very small producer and it doesn't have a name, just a number!