Friday, 19 August 2011

It is a Question of Degree

Surely the greatest examples of true style are to be found in such as Buddha and Jesus Christ. The essence of their message seems to me to be self-denial, even self-abnegation; certainly the practice of putting the interests of others first; of perceiving need and meeting it quietly and, preferably, anonymously. We know nothing (so far as I know) about the clothes makers for Buddha and Jesus Christ but I dare say that they were, for their times, conventionally and neatly turned out. Being well dressed is no certain indicator of the possession of true, deep style and I have the feeling that Lucifer is better dressed than any Archangels left standing up above. Many of the best people that I know are incredibly scruffy, because clothes just hold no interest for them. I am rather on their side than the side of those who think that we should dress as an end in itself and flash our clothes and watches and wallets and so forth about in an attempt to impress others with our so-called 'style', which is really bumptiousness: there is too much bumptiousness in this world and far too many clowns and bullies controlling mankind: 'Colonel' Gadaffi is only one of the bullies. There are plenty of others; as indeed there are plenty of clowns: starting with the leaders of the current British government, and that nasty little twister Berlusconi.

It seems to me that the world has lost its way, along with its faith in any Creator and too often substitutes an 'appreciation' of the faux style peddled by  miserable, pig-ignorant 'celebrities' for an appreciation of true style.


  1. :) Come and visit us in the Caucasus sometime. On average we are poorer than dirt, but our churches, mosques and synagogues are packed to overflowing every weekend, and we know how to have fun :) The world has always been deeply troubled, somehow we will muddle through; without the help of inane clotheshorse celebrities no doubt :)

  2. Thanks for the invitation. I'll certainly bear it in mind!