Monday, 20 June 2011

Prime Minister David Cameron and 'Family Values'

Let's just hope that, when 'Dave' Cameron came out, all guns blazing, in support of all those heroic single Mums, on the issue of 'family values', he had two things in mind: first, that he is descended from King William IV who, after a twenty year concubinage with an Irish actress, called 'Mrs' Dorothy Jordan, and by whom he had ten children (including Cameron's ancestor), cast her aside, to marry a Princess (in order to curry Parliamentary favour, for the paying off of his considerable debts), and caused 'Mrs' Jordan to flee the debtors' prison and to die, impoverished, in France. Secondly, he should recall that the last Tory PM to proselytize about the importance of 'family values' (Sir John Major K.G.), was soon caught, with his trousers down, having shagged the fragrant (and discreet), Mrs Edwina Curry, while they were both married to other people. Tory PMs never learn the lessons of history, do they?

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