Friday, 25 February 2011

Andy Garcia Off-screen

Here is Garcia off-screen at a recent film awards in Deauville, with one of his daughters. He is carrying off a four-in-hand tie with his DJ-Tux far better than most of them do and he has nearly convinced me!


  1. Nicholas,
    Obscure the left hand side of the photo & then give us your final verdict. Not that I'm suggesting the jury could be swayed of course....!


  2. A jest often discloses a truth and, maybe, here you have hit the nail on the head in a sense: he is obviously very proud of his daughter (who had a small part in The Lost City), and his clothes are toned-down to give her a show case. In the animal kingdom, often the male is gaudier than the female and there have been periods when that has been true of human dress but (generally), no more, so that the ladies have the limelight at 'events'. I still think that he carries off this emerging male Hollywood star 'uniform' as well as any of them but the photograph is not so fine with the left half obscured!